Symphony of Balloons

Balloon Fiesta

For ten years, my wife and I have thought about attending the Balloon Fiesta which is held in Albuquerque every October. Several times over the years, we actually found ourselves in town visiting family during the Fiesta but unmotivated to wake up at 4am to make the trek to the Balloon Field for the event. This year was different as we intentionally planned a family visit to New Mexico during Balloon Fiesta with plans on attending. While we still didn’t make it up at 4am, we did manage to make it to the field by dawn which is the designated time the balloons take flight.

Against the backdrop of the Sandia Mountains, 500 balloons filled the Albuquerque sky within an hour. As I watched the mass ascension of balloons floating in harmony, it reminded me of the music industry during the fall season. So many artist release music simultaneously in hopes of rising to the top. Some rise to the top while others never make it off the ground. Yet somehow, among the masses, there are a few unique artists who grab your attention no matter where they are in the ladder of ascension.

I look forward to discovering new great music this fall! Is there any new music you are excited about?