The Flood Heard Around the World!

Nashville's SoundCheck Under Water

Nashville's SoundCheck Under Water

The Nashville Flood of 2010 will have an impact on music like no other disaster in history! Floods are never a good thing but as an artist manager I am realizing the impact that this particular flood will have on the sound of music created in Nashville.  SoundCheck, the largest instrument storage and cartage company in Nashville, was submerged in water for almost a week. Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and many other Nashville artists and session musicians lost their most cherished instruments. One can only imagine how that will affect the sound coming from Nashville studios and live shows in the days to come as many of the vintage instruments can’t be replaced. Other artists and musicians lost instruments and equipment in their flooded homes. The news footage of Kenny Chesney climbing in a boat and saving his guitar after his home was flooded says it all. One of the artist we manage, Gabe Martinez of the band Circleslide, lost most of his gear as his home was flooded with 4 feet of water. As I helped Gabe sort through his gear, we were met with a rush of brown nasty water as we opened road cases. We opened one case to find a flooded mixing board that had quickly become a home to maggots. Gabe was fortunate enough to save his vintage guitars which we are thankful for! As reality began to settle in, I was reminded of production cut backs that instrument manufacturers put into place over the last year due to the recession. The demand for new gear from Nashville musicians could create a major drain on the instrument/gear supply chain. For those fortunate enough to have flood insurance or enough cash to replace instruments, the race is on. My advice is to get in line quickly because it’s going to be a long one! For others around the world who have been looking for the right time to sell those vintage instruments, now would be a great time to list that gear on Craig’s List.

Amidst all the loss, Tennessee is proving itself to be worthy of the name “Volunteer State” as residents are pouring out in droves to help neighbors. Several benefit concerts have recently been announced. This Sunday, May 16  7-9pm there will be a benefit concert at the Ryman Auditorium featuring Brad Paisley, Kellie Pickler, Lady Antebellum and Jaci Velasquez. For more info visit

There is also a great opportunity to help Nashville Flood Victims for only .99 cents. Byron “Mr Talkbox” Chambers and Key of B Productions will be donating all May proceeds from iTunes download sales of his song “Everything Works Together” to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s Nashville Flood Relief Fund. Click this link for more info

While the flood may have silenced a few instruments, one thing is sure, Music City will rebuild and the show will go on!