The Grammy Awards Lost Their Class

Like millions of others, I was super excited to watch the 2014 Grammy Awards Show on Sunday. Over the years, the show has created some incredible moments in music history. Unfortunately, something happened this year that I thought would never happen. The Grammy Awards lost their class.

With a close examination of the shows from the last few years, I guess we should have seen it coming. Even so, I was still surprisingly disappointed. Remember when the Grammy Awards were super classy and centered around super talented artists making incredible musical moments? Instead, this year’s show opened with a distasteful brothel burlesque style performance by Beyonce followed by a night of bleeped out comments & lyrics which eventually culminated into a ludicrous ¬†wedding ceremony that was obviously intended to promote a political agenda which has absolutely nothing to do with music.

I have never expected the Grammy Awards to be a church service. That would be an unrealistic expectation as the music business encompasses music from all genres and walks of life. However, I do expect the Grammy Awards to create a show that celebrates music in a classy way that is appropriate for audiences of all ages. Is it too much to expect artists to focus on their music at the Grammy Awards? Would Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Collins, Bonnie Raitt, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston or any other icon artists of the past ever have stooped to the level of sticking a thong in our face in lieu of putting on an incredible musical performance? The artists of the past had no need to distract our attention with gimmicks as they had the ability to awe audiences with an incredible high level of raw musical talent. John Legend, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Sara Bareilles & Carole King did attempt to bring some class to the show but they were unfortunately overshadowed by the ridiculous. I chose to switch off the TV when the silly marriage ceremony began so I missed all performances from that point on as did many other disappointed viewers across the country.

What we saw last night from the Grammy Awards is exactly why music sales are tanking. The music industry has lost focus and trained the general public that gimmicky visuals and political agendas are more important than the music itself. The one champion for a high standard of music, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, let us down this year with their promotion of gimmick over artistry.

Last night the Grammy Awards lost its class and lost the trust of many viewers who have welcomed the show into their homes. It is extremely disappointing to know the bar for musical artistry has been set so low.