The Greatest Band In The World

The Claw

Last week, I witnessed the Greatest Band In The World put on the best concert I have ever see. Vanderbilt Stadium July 2, 2011 was the perfect place and night to see U2!

The Claw was the most incredible stage I have ever seen a band use for a live show. It topped the first laser lights that Genesis exposed the world to, Blue Oyster Cult’s giant Godzilla, the Rolling Stone’s cat walk and even Van Halen’s ostentatious wall of speakers. The Claw was super entertaining in itself, even before the show began.

When U2 took the stage, I was mesmerized! Each song took me back to a time & place in my life reminding me of the impact U2 has had on me and the rest of the world. The Edge has influenced the sound of so many guitar players and Bono redefined the way a front man holds the audience in the palm of his hands.

What I was most impressed with though is how U2 uses their celebrity music status to impact the world in a positive way. U2’s involvement with the One Campaign & Amnesty International spreads so much love and peace through feeding the poor, building wells in third world countries, funding Aids research and democracy spreading efforts around the world. I can’t help but think what would happen if every other band/artist in the world emulated The Greatest Band In The World by spreading love and generosity with their music instead of hate, negativity and self worship?

Thanks U2 for what you have done and continue to do for the world through your music!