The Marketing Plan – Defining Your Target Consumer

Define Your Target

Define Your Target

The first step in any marketing plan, regardless of what kind of product you are marketing, should be to define your target consumer. It is extremely unproductive to begin a product launch without knowing who you are targeting.

The marketing plan that I will be rolling out in this blog series is for the band Circleslide. Circleslide primarily records and plays shows for Christian audiences. That makes it pretty easy to determine the first trait of the consumer we are targeting. Our target consumer would be a Christian who listens to music. That is still a very broad target as it could be anyone from a young child to a 90 year old who rocks to the hymnal every Sunday. I had some preconceived notions of Circleslide’s audience when I first began to work with them. Assuming their audience was a male rocker 18-30 couldn’t have been further from the actual. That is why a little research is always a great idea. I traveled to a few shows and observed. Who attended the shows? Of those attendees, who seemed to enjoy the show? And who swarmed the merch table to buy cds? Much to my surprise it was Becky! Becky is a name the Christian music industry uses to describe “soccer moms” age 25-45 who listen to Christian radio and frequently buy Christian music and books. The Becky’s of the world love the band when they see them live and they especially love the stories that frontman, Gabe Martinez weaves into the show.The reason this was such a surprise is that Circleslide has seen very little Christian AC radio airplay preventing them from being exposed to the Becky masses. However, their new record has several songs that promise to be strong contenders at Christian AC airplay. There are even a couple worship songs on the record which tends to please Becky. All that being said, it is apparent that Becky will be our primary target. Circleslide also has a rock edge. Not screamo or metal but more of a Bruce Springsteen/Zeppelin/U2 kind of rock. The kind of rock Becky’s husband Todd might appreciate. This really helped narrow our focus. The record has enough medium to ballad AC songs that Becky will love while offering enough rock to keep Todd interested. Becky and Todd can finally share and enjoy the same cd!

Target Consumer: Women age 25-40 who listen to Christian AC radio and their husbands. Circleslide’s “Echoes of The Light” presents a unique music experience that will appeal to Becky while giving her husband (Todd) enough rock to make it a record that they can enjoy together.

Do you have experiences in defining a target consumer that you would like to share?