The New Artist Development Department

Artist Development is a process that was originally created by record labels to groom young artists for the big leagues. Many young artists have raw talent that needs refinement and that process takes time. Unfortunately, the new music business economy left record labels with a lack of resources to fund artist development. Record labels now want “fully baked” artists who are ready to release music immediately. So who fills the role of artist development?

Artist Management companies are the new “Artist Development Departments”. As an artist manager, I find myself in the process daily. While it requires patience, it can be quite rewarding when you find an artist willing to listen, learn and work hard.

5 Key Steps To Artist Development

Songwriting – The most important element of artist development! Without great songs, everything else is meaningless. The first thing we do with new artists is set up co-writes with great writers in an effort to grow them into great songwriters.

Vocal Coaching – Some artists may only need to learn how to protect & take care of their voice but most artists will take huge performance leaps with the right vocal coach.

Performance Coaching – While we do a great deal of this ourselves, we also bring in performance coach professionals as needed. Fortunately, we have an artist roster to pull from who offer some of the best coaching.

Live Producer – This involves bringing in a producer to help with instrumentation & arrangement of songs. What the audience hears out front can differ greatly from what the artist hears on stage or in a rehearsal room.

Image Consulting – Many new artists think they have a great look. “Think” is the key word in that phrase. Artists need a look that is memorable & sets them apart. Fortunately, my wife & business partner, Diana Stancil, has a great eye and talent for this. The tough part in image consulting is convincing the artists to stick with the new look and resist falling back into old comfortable habits.