The Power Of A Song

It’s amazing to me how powerful music truly is. A song holds the power to drastically affect our human emotions. Our emotions determine how we navigate through life on a daily basis. Songs have the ability to make us feel happy, sad, excited, depressed, fearful, lonely, nostalgic or proud. Some songwriters abuse that power and use it to spread hate and depression while others use it to spread love and happiness.

I had the opportunity to attend a writers night last night in Nashville featuring Brandon Heath, Chris August, Jason Ingram and Kari Jobe. Those wonderful writers gathered together for a benefit show to raise money for victims of the recent tornadoes that devastated Alabama. They played some of their hits along with new songs that none of the audience had heard. The stripped down acoustic performances created an incredible emotional experience. The power of the songs they sang tugged at our hearts, fillled us with hope and spread an abundance of love. I have never dug into my wallet so quickly and ready to to give every last single bit of money I had for their cause!

Thank you to all songwriters who use their gift to change the world for the better. You are great stewards of an incredibly powerful thing…The Song.

Is there a song that impacted your life in a huge way?