The Power of Blogging



This past week, the power of blogging really proved itself. After a couple of years of patiently blogging on a regular basis, both The Music Gardener blog and our artist management and music marketing company Artist Garden Entertainment were ranking in the top organic spots when searching Google for our primary business services which are Web 2.0 Music Marketing, Christian Artist Managers and Christian Music Marketing. We even rank fairly high for overall searches for Artist Managers and Music Marketing. We own the first page Google search for Artist Garden Entertainment, Keith Stancil and The Music Gardener.

I began blogging a couple of years ago, thanks to the encouragement of friend of mine, Spence Smith. Spence encouraged me to attend Lifework 2.0 which is a class that he and Randy Elrod offer. It was there where I learned invaluable information about the power of blogging. The main take away from their class was how blogging can increase your presence and power ranking on Google. The goal of every business should be that top organic ranking on the first Google page that pops up when people search for your name or the service your business offers. Why? Google is the first place potential clients/customers look and it’s the biggest “no cost” advertising available in the world today. Google is the free modern day Yellow Pages. Google also holds your personal and business reputation in it’s hands and you absolutely need to control that!

I encourage all of the artist we manage to blog on a regular basis. Some of them take the advice seriously and others don’t. The ones who do are able to control their online reputation and have created a powerful platform to get their message out to the world. Blogging combined with Twitter & Facebook have the potential to be an incredible marketing machine for any artist or business.

Do you blog?