The Problem With The World Is Me

One of my favorite lyrics is a recent song from the band Downhere titled “The Problem” If everyone in the world listened to the lyrics of that song and decided to make a change, the world would be a much better place. As artist managers, the biggest turn off that we could hear an artist say is the word “Me”. Yes, artists should have confidence in their talent and believe in themselves but please check the word “Me” at the door. “Me” would be not anywhere without “We”. Unless you write, sing, play every instrument, record, produce, mix, master, create the packaging, market, manufacture, send out press releases and sell your music by your lone self, then you might consider substituting the word “We” for “Me”. Making and selling music is a team effort and everyone on the team is just as important to the process as the artist is. The artist is like the quarterback on a football team. Without the offensive line the quarterback would get creamed on every play.  Be sure to treat all of the people on your team with the same respect that you desire.