The Road to New York

apg_nyc_080418_ssh2This past week,  Artist Garden Entertainment made a trip to New York. We had scheduled some meetings with Atlantic Records and Manhattan Records to pitch artists that we manage. This was probably my 50th trip to New York over the last twenty years and I realized how I had begun to take it for granted. Reflecting back, I can remember how in awe I was on the first visit. The tall buildings and mass of people were overwhelming for a small town boy from Georgia. That initial trip was my first music industry convention which happened to be with Capitol/EMI Records. I will never forget that trip as I somehow found myself on stage with a group of fellow employees dancing with Vanilla Ice. How could that ever be forgotten? Over the last twelve years, I had the opportunity to do some amazing things in New York. Probably, one of my favorite things was lunch at the Sony Club. The Sony Club is on the top floor of the Sony building and was designed as a place for Sony execs to wine and dine their artists and clients. During the years I served as the liaison between Epic Records and Word Records, there were many lunches at the Sony Club. Another memorable time was when I was stranded in New York during the major  black-out on August 14, 2003.  That was definitely one I would not wish to re-live, even though it was a once in a lifetime experience seeing Time Square in total darkness. One thing I had never experienced until this recent trip was taking the train from Manhattan to Long Island. I had never really had a reason to go to Long Island, but this trip we needed to check out an artist who was performing on Long Island. Much to my surprise, the train ride was extremely pleasant. It reminded me of train rides in the UK as we made our way through the train yards and then neighborhoods with rows and rows of brownstone. Long Island turned out to be a very pleasant place and was surprisingly quite considering it’s proximity to the city.

Every American should make it a point to visit New York at least once in their lifetime. And when you do, see everything you possibly can. While I’m not sure I could live there, it is one of my favorite places in the world to visit!