The Self Imploding Artist

As an artist manager, one of the toughest jobs with some artists is keeping them from self imploding. Artists have musical gifts but most don’t have a great business compass which is why there is a need for a manager. As an artist’s career progresses and if they pay attention they will develop a great business sense. However, that business sense in usually missing in the beginning of their career. To make up for their lack of business sense, they listen to anyone in their lives who has ever played a gig or listened to music. Artists also tend to follow their creative intuition when making business decisions. That is the perfect way to end a career before it’s even off the ground. My advice is to find a manager that you can trust who has a successful track record in the music business. Let that manager be the captain of your ship. Listen, learn and shut off all other outside influences who have no vested interest in your career. When your manager gives you advice, act on it and you will be amazed at what happens with your career.