The Sound Of Christmas


 Christmas is a season full of music. A few artists have successfully released Christmas music that helped define their careers giving them an added boost to new heights in popularity. Amy Grant, Kenny G, Mannheim Steamroller, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Harry Connick Jr, Sara McLachlan, Jaci Velasquez and Michael W Smith all created huge milestones with Christmas music. Each record was incredibly produced and marketed with precision. Christmas records that continue to sell year after year.

What amazes me though, are the artists who fail to properly plan a Christmas release earlier in the year but then rush in a state of panic, during October & November, to record anything Christmas. Standards are lowered in an effort to release anything quickly. Recording music in haste rarely results in an artist’s best effort. I have often heard from artists and others in the industry “the production doesn’t matter as much on Christmas music”  Really? And why not? Does the public want to listen to lesser quality music just because its Christmas time?

A true artist releases nothing but the highest quality representation of their art to the public. January would be a great time to begin planning for that incredible Christmas 2012 release!