There’s a New Christian Radio Station In Town!

Jam The City

Something I hear regularly from people around the world is how they feel the Christian Radio station in their home town is lame. They complain that the stations play too much old recurrent music and the new music they do play is limited to a handful of “core” artists. If you ask the radio stations why they program their stations in that manner, they claim that testing shows their listeners want to hear old and familiar music. That bodes the question “who are those people Christian radio stations use in their testing?” The answer is pretty simple. The people chosen for the testing panels are either un-adventurous, Christian sub-culture “church ladies” or the testing really isn’t an accurate method for determining programming. No offense mom 🙂

Fortunately, we are seeing more internet radio start-ups like Pandora who offer alternatives to terrestrial radio . While Pandora is a great alternative, I’m not convinced their algorithms work so well. Pandora requires that artists have physical distribution through before they will add the artist to their system leaving out many independent artists who are making great music. I’m in no way knocking major label artists as many of them are making great music. However, I would like to hear the other great music that the Christian terrestrial radio establishment ignores.

I recently discovered and,  a couple of Christian internet radio stations that are programmed by a human who formerly worked as a programmer at a large Christian market station. The programmer makes a great effort to find music from new and existing artists whether they are on major labels or operate independently. No “church lady” testing is done! They just play great music. I highly recommend these stations for those Christian music listeners who want to be exposed to great new artists and music they may not otherwise hear. Listeners can tune in via the website or they can grab the Live 365 app to listen from an iPhone, Android or iPad. Click on the links below to check out these two great stations.  plays a great mix of major label and independent Christian music. Their slogan is “Playing Christian music you won’t hear anywhere else” plays Christian Hip Hop music which is a format that is virtually non-existent at terrestrial radio