Things Artist Managers Dream of Saying to Their Artists

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to watch my wife and business partner, Diana Stancil, speak on an artist management panel at the Immerse Conference. The primary thing the audience was interested in discussing was the definition of the manager’s role. With a wide range of managers on the panel, there were some different views but for the most part, they agreed on the core roles of an artist manager. Using input from the panelists and other artist managers, I decided to have some fun with things managers deal with on a daily basis. The list below was compiled with a variety of artist managers.

Things Artist Managers Dream of Saying To Their Artists

1) Thanks for being so pro-active in furthering your career

2) Thanks for consistently returning my phone calls in a timely manner

3) Thanks for keeping your calendar up to date

4) Thanks for paying us commission without us having to ask for it

5) Thanks for the bonus!

6) Thanks for not calling us at night and on the weekend for non-emergency problems.

7) Thanks for writing songs and planning ahead for your next record

8) Thanks for not making us justify our role on a daily basis

9) Thanks for being a good financial steward and paying those who provide services for you

10) Thanks for not creating drama over things that really don’t matter in life

11)  Thanks for showing up on time

12) Thanks for keeping an accurate merch inventory

13) Thanks for staying active on your social network accounts

14) Thanks for not whining about things we can’t change

15) Thanks for not thinking of yourself as better than others