Top 7 Influential People in 2009

This year brought a major paradigm shift in all apsects of my life. As I reflect on 2009, I can’t help but think of the people throughout the year who have had a huge influence and impact on me personally and professionally. My personal life and my career as an artist manager and music marketer have been greatly affected by the following people and I would like to say a huge thanks to them. I am including their Twitter address and encourage you to follow them to glean some of the great stuff that I glean from them daily.

1) My wife Diana – she continues to teach me how to love everyone unconditionally.

2) Pete Orta – demonstrated true selfless giving and has been an incredible encourager and friend to me. I am amazed at the huge step of faith he has taken this year with In Triumph

3) Spence Smith – encouraged me to start a blog which has been a magnificent experience that has expanded my horizons in web 2.0.  Spence has also connected me with some incredible people this year

4) Randy Elrod – taught me so much about the power of web 2.0 which has redefined my approach to marketing. Probably my favorite person to follow on Twitter.

5) Jon Foreman – continues to create beautiful music with lyrics that encourage me to think about my purpose here on earth

6) Seth Godin – challenges the way I approach marketing daily through his blog which is by far my favorite. I am including the link to his blog as opposed to his Twitter

7) Peter Cashmore – twitters under the name Mashable and gives incredibly useful info for everything digital and connected to the internet