Trusting Your Consultant

I have been in private music management and marketing consulting business for 5 years. Prior to launching our consulting business, I spent 20 years of “boots on the ground” education in the corporate music industry. My tenure in the music industry has given me the opportunity to play a an integral role in building many artists’ careers and being directly responsible for selling 14 million records.

While I enjoy helping artists grow their careers, I am often puzzled by those who engage us to consult but show a lack of trust by second guessing the advice we offer. The hesitancy to trust puts up road blocks that slow down the growth process and can potentially prevent one from reaching their goals.

Two Types of Clients

1) The client who engages a consultant for the experience & expertise they bring to the table. This client listens, learns and put things into action. They don’t question their consultant’s advice as they recognize the value of the experience that backs it up. This client puts absolute trust in their consultant and has confidence that they will be led to excellence making their potential for success greater & quicker.

2) The client who engages a consultant but refuses to trust. They question most advise the consultant offers and they waste a tremendous amount of time arguing. Many of these clients realize down the road that they would have been better off utilizing the advice offered. Those actions show a lack of trust in their consultant which results in a slower or sometimes elusive rate of success making one wonder why they engaged the consultant in the first place.

Which client do you think has the greater potential for success?