Universal Music Group On Top

Today Artist Garden Entertainment met with the Universal Music Group. We were representing a new label looking for a distribution deal. I have spent time in all of the major record company headquarters over the years with the exception of Universal, until today. Let me say, I was extremely impressed. There is no question in my mind why they hold the top market share and just reported an 11% profit when everyone else in the music industry is crying the blues. From the time I stepped into the building, I felt a positive spirit. Most other companies in the music business seem to be putting off a negative and depressing vibe but  I really felt a heartbeat in the Universal building. Isn’t it funny how you can tell so much about the leadership of a company by the atmosphere?  I would recommend that every person in the music business find a reason to visit Universal soon. Maybe we could bottle up the positive attitude and take it back to our respective companies and change the outlook of the music industry.  www.artistgardenentertainment.com