We Only Sign Major Label Artists?

Over the last few weeks, I have been shopping for a booking agent for an artist we are working with. This particular artist is on an independent label but has quite a bit going on and the phones have started to ring for bookings. The Presidents of two big booking agents both began our conversation with the craziest statement “We don’t sign artists who aren’t on major labels” . Really? One of the companies’ represents a multi-platinum selling artist who is signed to an independent label. The other company has three of their bigger artists that were on an independent label until it was recently purchased by a major label and that particular major label appears to be sinking quickly. It really surprised me that these guys would respond like that based on the paradigm shift in the music business and the success they have seen on their own roster from independents.

I’m seeing a real opportunity in the booking industry for entrepreneurs who really understand the new dynamics of the music business and the important role that independents are playing. Can’t wait to meet them!