Websites or Blogsites?

Artist Garden Entertainment met this week with SkorInc. We are looking at the benefits to doing blogsites vs static websites for some of the artist we represent. Broady Harper and Randy Hicks at SkorInc are at the forefront of building blogsites that have the appearance and serve as websites. Blogsites turn every aspect of your website into a two way conversation which is what music consumers are screaming for. We have done a few test over the last couple of months and have been amazed at how friends on social networks react so quickly when pointed to a blog that allows them to interact with the blogger. SkorInc has a great service they are offering artist. Just ask Mercy Me, Natalie Grant, The Katinas or Shane & Shane to name a few of their clients. At this point we are leaning towards blogsites over websites and would recommend that to any artist looking at building a new website or rebuilding a current website. Visit us at