Welcome To The Garden!

img_2909 The photograph to the left is often my view while listening to music and dreaming. The picture probably sheds a little light on why I refer to myself as The Music Gardener and why our management/marketing firm is called Artist Garden Entertainment. I wish I could share a picture that would show you what our garden looks like in the evening but my photography skills don’t compliment low light pictures. Looking at our garden in the evening is when I get the most inspiration. We work with our artists and our marketing much the same as we do our garden. We plant ideas, fertilize and water them and are sometimes amazed at how they develop. Some end up creating much more than we could ever dream while others seem to wither away. We constantly weed out the dead ideas and replace them with new ones. It is always a work in progress but so rewarding when something incredible blossoms. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the talented artists we have on our roster. Many times I wish we could see 5 years into their future to get a glimpse of how they develop. Part of me is glad we can’t because we would miss the best part of what we do which is watching them grow!