What’s Your Social Net Worth?

With the recent explosion of social networking, most music artists have at least set up an account with Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. That’s a wonderful first step but do you know how to use it? Better yet, do you know how to maximize and unleash the music marketing power that social networking holds? At Artist Garden Entertainment, we put every artist or client we work with through social network boot camp because we have experienced the effectiveness first hand.

Many artists subscribe to the belief that the number of followers is the barometer for how successful they are at social networking. Having a large number of followers is awesome for the ego but if you can’t get those followers to engage and be active for your cause then the numbers mean very little. The key is to learn how to engage your followers in a way that transforms them into activist for your brand. I describe the level of followers that will act on something that you post as your Social Net Worth. Let’s say you have 2,000 Facebook/Twitter followers and you post something for them to act on. If 1,500 followers act on your post then your Social Net Worth is pretty high! However, if 0 followers act on the post then your Social Networking is bankrupt. If you find yourself in danger of filing Social Network Bankruptcy, have no fear, I have a stimulus plan for you!

Five Ways to Build Your Social Net Worth

  1. Share some personal things so followers feel like they know you
  2. Interact with followers. Thank them for re-tweets, Follow Fridays, mentions & re-posts
  3. Show interest in others by re-tweeting, re-posting or mentioning them
  4. Find a balance between posting about everyday life & posting about your music.
  5. Be selective about what you ask followers to act on. Don’t wear them out!