When Is Mother’s Day 2014 ?


When Is Mother’s Day 2014? A date that artists and music marketing professionals should have on their calendars. Why? Mother’s Day is a huge opportunity for selling music to those looking for gifts. Most record companies target holidays but many independent artists don’t think about the holiday marketing opportunities outside of Christmas. Music is now one of the easiest and cheaper gifts that consumers can give. Gifting digital music from iTunes can be now be done with the click of a button and in a matter of seconds to a friend or loved one 1000 miles away. My post a few years back Introducing The iTunes Green Card explains how gifting a song is cheaper than sending a card.  Why not exploit that and remind your followers and fans?

Planning releases around holidays is also a wise idea as it allows you to take advantage of heavier consumer traffic. Most artists remember that Christmas is a great time for music gifting but they tend to forget the other holiday opportunities throughout the year. Easter is the 2nd biggest holiday for selling Christian music with Mother’s Day close behind.

Valentine’s Day is this week. Anyone taking advantage of that?

Key Holidays For Music Gifting & Buying

When Is Valentine’s Day 2014? – Friday, February 14

When Is Easter 2014? – Sunday, April 20

When Is Cinco De Mayo 2014? – Monday, May 5

When Is Mother’s Day 2014? – Sunday, May 11

When Is Father’s Day 2014? – Sunday June 15

When Is Independence Day 2014? – Friday July 4

When Is Thanksgiving Day 2014? – November 27

When Is Christmas 2014? – Thursday December 25