Who Do You Value?

Twenty five years in the music industry have given me the opportunity to work in various roles including music marketing, sales, audio engineer, musician and artist manager. One thing I’ve noticed is the value artists put on their producer versus the others involved in building their career.  Producers are involved in the creative process giving them a kindred spirit with the artist. Most artists don’t blink an eye at paying a producer as they place value on the producer and I agree they should. Ironically, once the producer finishes a project, the producer moves onto the next paying client. Artists sometimes fail to recognize recorded music does nothing until the others in the process move the music from the studio to the consumer. Sales teams, marketers, publicists, artist managers and booking agents work day in and day out on artists’ behalf. Unfortunately, those roles are often taken for granted. When I hear artists complain about paying others involved in the process of growing their career and audience, it is obvious they don’t place value of the other pieces of the music puzzle. Have you ever seen a puzzle with missing pieces? I would argue it’s not a puzzle.

Who do you value?  Who works on your behalf daily to move your career forward? Have you told them how much you value them?