Who Is Marc Martel?

Marc Martel

Who is Marc Martel? That’s a question that only a small group of people who know their Christian music trivia could answer just a week ago. Now the world knows Marc Martel as the singer who put up a YouTube video of himself singing Queen’s “Somebody To Love”  as a “dead on” clone of Freddie Mercury. Marc created the video for the Queen Extravaganza contest and his YouTube video has garnered 2.5 million views in 5 days!

I had the privilege of meeting Marc Martel for the first time about ten years ago when his band Downhere signed their first record deal with Word Records. I was working for Word at the time and Downhere was the first artist discovered on-line by Word’s “ground breaking, ahead of its time, internet A&R division”,  a division that was only understood by few. It’s quite ironic that 10 years later, Marc’s YouTube video would be the catalyst to launch him as an on-line celebrity.

Marc Martel is an incredible talent along with the rest of his Downhere band mates. I’m sure this video will cause every Christian radio station in the US to catapult Downhere to the top of their play list which is where Downhere has belonged for the last 10 years!

Congrats Marc & Downhere!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH MARC MARTEL’S “Somebody To Love” YouTube Video