Win A Pair of Nike Delorean Dunks

Through the years, I have seen many creative music marketing campaigns but a particular one that I ran across this week really grabbed my attention. The Washington Projects and Save The City Records are giving away a pair of Nike Delorean Dunks to promote their May 22 release Space Time Continuum. Yep. Special edition Nike shoes inspired by the Delorean car which was made so famous by the movie Back to The Future! The music listening experience in the ad is enhanced with a flying Delorean which I find quite entertaining. The ad also includes a countdown timer to street date reminiscent of the time machine in Back To The Future.


Three Key Elements that Give this Campaign Great Potential for Success.

1)  Connects The Washington Projects with Nike, one of the most successful brands in history. NIke shoes are a fashion icon in the dance/hip hop culture which is The Washington Projects target audience

2) A social network sharing function is incorporated giving the viewer an opportunity to share the fun experience with friends.

3) Delivers the simple message The Washington Projects “Space Time Continuum” streets May 22


Click on the ad below and give it a spin. I think you will enjoy!