The Stress of Second Guess

One trait that you will find in most great leaders is the fact that they don’t second guess themselves. Great leaders make decisions and act without looking back. Sure, mistakes will be made along the way, but while moving forward mistakes are passed by so quickly that they won’t even matter. I love what author and marketing expert, Seth Godin, has to say in his book, Linchpin, “The only purpose to starting is to finish, and while the projects we do are never really finished, they must ship.” Projects will never be perfect, but there is a point where the decision to ship must be made.

Being blessed as both a right and left-brained person, I tend to think of myself as well-balanced. I am creative enough to value and at times even contribute to the art but I am also analytical and logical enough to know what it takes to keep a project moving. Meeting deadlines is the single most important part of a successful project. The art will never be seen or heard without meeting the deadline. Working as an artist manager and music marketer, I find myself working with total right-brainers quite often. While I love and appreciate the art they create, the insecurities of a right-brained person can drive a left-brained person mad. Collaboration definitely makes a project stronger but the one who second guesses creates unnecessary road blocks. When someone second guesses decisions as a project is ready to ship or a deadline needs to be met, I interpret them as saying “I don’t trust you.” The second guesser puts loads of stress on themselves and everyone else involved in the project creating a domino effect that can quickly kill momentum and prevent success.

During my time at Warner Brothers, I had a boss who would often say “Guys, we aren’t sending rocket ships to the moon. We are selling records” I hold onto that truth when the second guesser appears on the scene.

Are you a second guesser?




Can You Sell A Record By It’s Cover?


One thing I really miss from childhood is the thrill that came from viewing great record covers in the album format. I bought many records as a result of seeing a cool cover. While I was disappointed with a few albums that I bought, for the most part, the record companies did a great job of capturing the essence of the music with the cover. With the cd format, we were forced to focus on smaller images and now the new world of iTunes & Amazon forces us to view images the size of a postage stamp.

We are working on the launch for a new release from Brandon Bee which streets April 5. The combination of Thomas Petillo’s photography and Brian Glassco’s design work created one of those covers that I believe has the potential to sell the music even if forced to view in the postage stamp size.

What do you think?

Circleslide’s 12 Tweets of Christmas!

12 Tweets

12 Tweets

Circleslide announced a fun little Twitter promotion this week for Christmas called the 12 Tweets of Christmas. The band will be putting up a daily Tweet for 12 days in December and giving away gifts to the Retweeters each day! The contest will be full of great prizes including autographed cds, autographed posters, t-shirts, a print of Randy Elrod’s painting “You Are Everything” and an ORANGE AMP! Follow @circleslide for more details!

The Marketing Plan – The Big Idea

The Single Cover

The Single Cover

My favorite part of music marketing and in particular Christian music marketing, is the creative process. In the previous posts of our marketing series, we defined Circleslide’s target consumer, we covered the basics at radio and publicity and we established our branding concept. The next step is to find one or two creative Big Ideas to center your plan around. I find the best way to approach this is to first of all spend time listening to the record.

As I listened to the new Circleslide record, one of the songs “You Are Everything” put the imagery of a painting in my mind. Wouldn’t it be cool if we married music and art in a way that had never been done? Through a cursory search of painters, one person in particular came to mind. A friend of mine named Randy Elrod spends his life creating culture through music and art. Randy is a painter himself so I sent him the song along with the idea of having him paint the song. Fortunately, Randy immediately fell in love with the song. We commissioned Randy to paint the song and had him video tape the actual process. Once the painting was complete, we sped up the video using time lapse and created a music video. iTunes sells video singles called vingles so I decided to name our idea the Art Vingle. The Art Vingle marries art and music allowing the consumer to own living breathing art. We scheduled the release of the Art Vingle on iTunes for one week prior to the record in hopes of creating a buzz building up to street week. Randy Elrod has one of the top blogs in the world and is followed by many worship leaders in the top culture influencing churches across the country. He agreed to blog about the Art Vingle upon release. We will be implementing a viral plan with the video on Youtube. Our plan also includes working press for both music and art publications around the Art Vingle.

The Art Vingle is our first Big Idea and it will be available on iTunes September 28. Next week we will introduce another Big Idea for the Circleslide release.