Is Your Comfort Zone Preventing Growth?

Working as an artist manager, I’ve discovered something that holds true for most artists. If an artist is comfortable, they most likely aren’t growing. In order to continue growing an audience, the artist must continually push the boundaries of their music, imaging and marketing. The irony is that most artists don’t like to be uncomfortable but they all want to grow their audience.

Are you comfortable?



Performing Without A Soundcheck

If you have ever played a festival or multi-artist event where you weren’t the headliner, then you have most likely experienced plug & play. As an artist manager, I prepare our artists for most scenarios they will encounter ahead of time. Even so, its interesting to see the stressed look on their face when they realize they aren’t getting a soundcheck.

Here is a little advise that should go a long ways in any artist career. When you are booked for a festival or multi-artist event, plan for that very scenario. Most of those scenarios only allow for shorter sets. If you can pull off your set without a stage full of musicians, then do so. Without a sound check, do you really think a five piece band will sound great? If you have some unusual piece of gear you normally play with, can you play without it? Don’t throw anything at the production crew that is out of the norm. If you do take the stage with a full band and something is whacked with the sound, are you prepared to instantly transition to an acoustic set? You should be. Making that quick transition could turn a potentially disastrous show into a great set.

Keith Stancil Announces Book Release

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I never thought I’d write a book but then again I’ve been told “never say never.” Well…I wrote a book. The title of the book is Creating Monsters and it is scheduled to release in both physical and digital retail on October 5. Along with the book, I have also launched a new blog site that I will use to write about and promote ideas and concepts explored in the book. Creating Monsters is a faith-based look, from an artist manager’s perspective, at helping people build platforms that hold the potential for bringing fame. Throughout the book, I explore the dangers that lurk along the way and offer biblical-based encouragement to equip those on the journey. If you are interested in hearing more about the book and taking a look at the new blog site, please visit

Artist Garden Entertainment Announces New Artist Signing

Artist Garden Entertainment Signs TAL

New Alternative Hip Hop Artist

NASHVILLE, Tenn. July 7, 2015 —Artist Garden Entertainment  announces the signing of alternative hip hop artist, TAL (Tal Zentmeyer), to an exclusive management deal. Based in Tampa, FL, TAL shares his blend of alternative hip hop and speaking at churches, youth camps and festivals throughout the south and northeast.

“From the first video I saw on-line, I knew there was something special about TAL. His unique artful way of story telling and delivering God’s message of hope, instantly drew me in. While its difficult to put him in a specific box, TAL’s musical vision and versatility reminds me of Christian hip hop group Social Club and top selling mainstream artist, 21 Pilots.” states Artist Garden President, Keith Stancil.

TAL honed his performance skills while attending the inCharacter discipleship program and later earned both an Associates degree in Biblical studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts of Ministry from Summit Bible College in Bakersfield, CA  While serving as Interim youth leader at Van Dyke Methodist Church in Lutz, FL , TAL felt called to launch his full time music ministry.  

For further information, visit or contact Artist Garden Entertainment.


Holly Starr Announces Wedding Date!



One of the great things about being an artist manager is living life with our artists. Seeing their career grow is rewarding but watching their personal lives flourish is pretty special. This week Holly Starr announced her engagement and wedding date as the first first blog post on her new website. With both a new record on the way and the October wedding, Holly has much to be excited about. Click Here to read Holly’s wedding post.


Thank You Taylor Swift!

Fourteen years ago, during Universal Music’s presentation at the NARM convention, Taylor Swift was introduced to the music industry. One could hear a slight bit of nervousness in her voice as she sang a few of her songs for the room full of critics. Little did we know how that little girl would change the music industry.

Last night, as I read the news that Apple Music had changed their decision to pay artists for streams during the 3 month launch, my heart was filled with gratitude for that little girl turned woman, Taylor Swift. Her letter to Apple single handed impacted every artist, songwriter, producer and record label in a positive way. Taylor exemplifies the artist no one thought possible in our modern age of entertainers. She has responded with grace in every situation the music industry has thrown her and showed the world how to lead. Taylor has endured incredibly tough situations throughout her career including jealous artists and music industry folks slamming her ability to sing, Kanye West sabotaging her MTV Video Music Award moment and of course all those boyfriends that treated her poorly. In every situation, she has responded with incredible wisdom and leadership.

Taylor – Thank you for being an example to the world, thank you for showing us how to lead and thank you for using your platform for something more than just yourself.


Just Book It!

We get a few inquiries each day from new artists looking for an artist manager. Most have some kind of music recording they have dedicated money and time to but when I visit their website something major is absent. They either totally neglected to include a tour calendar or their tour calendar is blank. Four words pop into mind – YOU ARE NOT READY! The #1 thing someone pursuing an artist career should do is book dates to perform live. That is THE starting point period.

What are you waiting for? Just Book It!

Who Do You Value?

Twenty five years in the music industry have given me the opportunity to work in various roles including music marketing, sales, audio engineer, musician and artist manager. One thing I’ve noticed is the value artists put on their producer versus the others involved in building their career.  Producers are involved in the creative process giving them a kindred spirit with the artist. Most artists don’t blink an eye at paying a producer as they place value on the producer and I agree they should. Ironically, once the producer finishes a project, the producer moves onto the next paying client. Artists sometimes fail to recognize recorded music does nothing until the others in the process move the music from the studio to the consumer. Sales teams, marketers, publicists, artist managers and booking agents work day in and day out on artists’ behalf. Unfortunately, those roles are often taken for granted. When I hear artists complain about paying others involved in the process of growing their career and audience, it is obvious they don’t place value of the other pieces of the music puzzle. Have you ever seen a puzzle with missing pieces? I would argue it’s not a puzzle.

Who do you value?  Who works on your behalf daily to move your career forward? Have you told them how much you value them?


Holly Starr Releases New Single “God Is”

Artist Garden Entertainment is excited to announce the highly anticipated new single from Holly Starr “God Is”  releases today at all digital retailers including iTunes & Amazon MP3! The song which was co-written by Chris Stevens (Tobymac, Mandisa, Jamie Grace, Blake Shelton) and Philip Larue. Chris Stevens and Chuck Butler co-produced the song which has already been added at key Christian AC stations across the country including FISH Los Angeles, FISH Sacramento, Joy FM ST Louis, WQME Indianapolis, WMHK Columbia SC, WDJC Birmingham, WBSN New Orleans, KCVO Camdenton MO WFRN Southbend IN, WWWA Augusta ME, WCLN Fayetteville NC KADI Springfield MO and Wassau WI and WBCL Ft Wayne, IN.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I am the President of Artist Garden Entertainment, an artist management and marketing company that manages this artist. Regardless of that fact, I only recommend music that I personally believe is exceptional and would be enjoyed by my readers. I am not compensated directly, other than normal management commissions from actual sales, for recommending this record through this blog. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”