New Nashville Recording Studio Open For Business

One might be inclined to ask “why would a new recording studio in the Nashville area be big news?” Owners Mark Lange and Chris Brush would respond by describing their new PlethoraTone studio as a giant candy store for those in search of that special tone. The new studio is loaded with a plethora of unique vintage guitar amps, guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and drums which promise to bring extreme joy to those in search of that special tone. There are even a few unexpected instruments for those looking to explore something unique.

Mark Lange has spent his career in Atlanta, Seattle and Nashville producing, engineering and pioneering one of the first Midi/tech stores in America in the early 80s, Micro Music.

Chris Brush, a Dallas Texas native moved to Nashville in 1999 to tour with various artists in Christian, rock, pop and country genres. Brush now spends his time as an in-town session drummer, mix engineer and producer.

PlethoraTone was designed for tone and acoustic excellence while offering a private, comfortable and creative environment as top priority. Producers, engineers and musicians will experience an incredibly unique and friendly environment amongst a plethora of possibilities for tone.

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Paul Mabury Laying Down The Groove

One of the things I love about being an artist manager, is watching the music come to life in the studio. Our artist, Ryan Corn, is currently working on his new record with Paul Mabury producing. Paul is an amazingly talented Australian producer who has worked with Hillsong, Brooke Fraser and All Sons & Daughters to name a few. He is most known for his incredibly talented drumming which can be heard on records by Hillsong United, Brooke Fraser, Brandon Heath, All Sons & Daughters, Jason Gray, Dave Barnes, Bebo Norman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tobymac, Kari Jobe, Josh Wilson, Darlene Zschech, Leigh Nash and others. Paul is also a member of One Sonic Society with Jason Ingram and Stu G. In my college days, I  was a drummer so I am particularly drawn to those who lay down magical grooves and Paul is one of those guys. Below is a video of Paul laying down the drum track for one of Ryan’s tunes. Enjoy! 

Finding the Right Producer

As an artist manager, the task of finding the right producer presents itself on a regular basis. Pairing up an artist with a producer should take more thought than just shopping for the best price. The best price could result in a crappy sounding recording and wasted money. My advice is to put serious thought and research into your choice. I thinks it better to do a few songs with the right producer as opposed to ten songs with a producer you are settling for.

The economics of hiring a producer have changed drastically over the last few years. Due to the drop in music sales and a drop in the cost of recording technology, record labels have slashed their recording budgets forcing producers to work for lower wages. The positive thing about the economical change is that it puts great producers closer in reach for independent artists. The downside is that technology has become cheap enough that anyone can jump in the game and call himself a producer. There is a major difference in a demo producer and a record producer so make sure you are hiring the right person for the job. Many demos sound great but they are not produced well enough sonically to ever get a shot at radio. During the producer shopping process, keep in mind that producers have to eat, pay mortgages and many have families to take care of. When you find the right producer, you should be willing to pay him a decent wage for his art.

Five important questions that an artist should think about when shopping for a producer.

1) Have you heard any of the producer’s work?

2) If you have heard the producer’s work, do you love it?

3) Will the producer be writing with you to help take your songs to an even higher level?

4) Does your producer play instruments which saves you money on hiring players?

5) Is your producer more interested in the money or does he really believe in you as an artist?

The right combination of artist and producer creates beautiful records!

Noiseblock Music Group

Artist Garden Entertainment made a trip to Muscle Shoals, Alabama last week to visit Noiseblock Music and their beautiful recording studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Gary Baker, songwriter who penned “I Swear” (John Michael Montgomery and All 4 One) “I’m Already There” (Lonestar) and many other hits, built this incredibly beautiful studio in Alabama about 2 1/2 hours south of Nashville. We really enjoyed hearing some of their vision for Noiseblock Music Group as we spent the morning with Gary and his business partner Greg Boyd. Noiseblock is looking to get word out that they are a nice alternative to Nashville or Atlanta for making a record. The studio sits in a quiet little town about 2 hours and 20 minutes south of Nashville that forces you to relax and be creative. What a great environment to do some recording!

On my visit, I also had the opportunity to spend some time with up and coming artist Shane Baker. Expect to be hearing more from Shane in the near future as he is writing some great music and quickly building a following in the south.

We highly recommend Noiseblock Studio to any artist or producer looking for a new great place to record.

Atlanta Christian Music Industry

Artist Garden Entertainment spent some time in Atlanta with producers and record labels this week. Three of our favorite visits were with Brash Music, Scott Huie and producer, Scotty Wilbanks.

Brash Music is home to Aaron Shust, Chris Sligh and the Michael Gunger Band. Steve Jones, President of Brash, has brought his mainstream level of doing business to the Christian market place. He learned the Christian business in a very short period and developed a very successful model. His no nonsense approach to selling music is refreshing! We discussed the future of marketing and how important the blogging world has become.

Scotty Wilbanks is quietly (or noisily!) making a huge impact on the Christian music business from his home in Canton, GA. Two of Scotty’s recent productions are DecembeRadio and Echoing Angels. Both artist have seen great radio success over the past couple of years. Scotty started his Christian music career playing with NewSong and now tours with Third Day playing keyboards.

We also met with Scott Huie, booking agent for the Newsboys, Superchick, DecembeRadio. Who would ever guess that such a successful booking agent would be based in Snellville, GA?

Unfortunately we were unable to meet with Shelly Giglio with Passion but hope to the next time we are in Atlanta. Passion is home to Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band and Louie Giglio.

We were also turned on to a few new Atlanta bands that could develop into a management relationship for us. Stay tuned!

Atlanta is a hotbed for Christian music. It just happens to be home to Casting Crowns, the top selling artist in Christian Music and we plan on keeping our eye on this city! Visit us at

Marketing Music and Real Estate

Last night I attended a Christmas party and found myself discussing similarities in marketing music and real estate. My wife and I were introduced to Holly White, who owns a real estate company in Nashville. After participating in the Lifework 2.0 seminar just a few days earlier, I was of course ready to discuss my newly discovered world of blogging. Holly ranks at the top of the Nashville Real Estate page for Google so I was very interested in learning how long she has been using the internet to generate traffic for her site. Turns out that Holly’s family also owns a recording studio on music row called 16 Tons Studio. We discussed the affect that surrounding real estate has on the perception of 16 Tons studio. It reminded me how music and real estate are so intertwined in Nashville. Maybe it’s not an accident that Nashville is called Music City? Visit us at