Americans Rock The Olympics!

My wife and I spent the last couple of weeks enjoying the Olympics on TV. We enjoy seeing how people of various countries from around the world carry and express themselves in victory and defeat. Two moments will stick in my mind forever when I think back on the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. The first is the arrogant, rude Russian figure skater, Plushenko. Enough said. The second was watching Shaun White on the gold medal podium as the American National Anthem was being played. Shaun couldn’t stop himself from pulling out a little air guitar expressing his simultaneous love for his country and rock music. No matter what we Americans do, we feel the need to rock. This year’s American Olympians have rocked harder than ever. I would like to borrow a lyric from AC/DC (we Americans love Australians!) to send a message out to all of the incredible American Olympians participating this week in Vancouver. “For those About to Rock…We Salute You!”



The National Anthem

The Music Gardener at Seattle Seahawks game

The Music Gardener at Seattle Seahawks game

My wife and I recently traveled with our daughter to Seattle as she was invited to sing the national anthem for the Seattle Seahawks game. Jaci has been blessed throughout her career and asked to do the same for the Tennessee Titans, the Florida Marlins, the MLS All Star Soccer Game, the Texans, the San Antonio Spurs, the Minnesota Timberwolves and several others. It is amazing how much emphasis the sport franchises put on who they choose to sing the 3 minute song at every game. The Seahawks organization was extremely hospitable to our family. Four adults and two babies is quite the undertaking in regards to travel, hotel etc. They outfitted us with a suite to watch the game, official jerseys, food and travel. It was especially exciting for our grandsons who got to hang out on an NFL field before the age of 2! So that brings forth the question “Why the big hoopla about who sings the 3 minute song?” Well first of all, The Star Spangled Banner is America’s National Anthem which makes the most popular song in the United States of America. The song’s popularity makes it tough  to flawlessly sing it in front of 50k-100k Americans who should know every word. We have all seen instances where singers slaughter the National Anthem with the biggest memory given us by Roseanne Barr. And then there was Carl Lewis who recently started in a key much higher than he should have. (I really did feel for him!) I must say that Jaci Velasquez does the best and most consistent job that I have seen from anyone! Hopefully it will lead to more family trips to great sporting events. We have our fingers crossed for a Superbowl!

Dude Perfect Ranch Edition

A while back I wrote about a YouTube video that some college guys from Texas A&M put together. Unbelievable backyard basketball shots. They call themselves Dude Perfect Well they have outdone the first video as they recently put up the Dude Perfect Ranch Edition which is even better than the first video. The “perfect” thing about these dudes is that they are using songs from our Music Pick of The Month, Manic Bloom . As a result of the video, Manic Bloom’s MySpace plays are growing resulting in 4300 plays in one day this past weekend! This is yet another example of the new ways music is being discovered and how important YouTube is to the mix.

Dude Perfect

This week has been interesting around Artist Garden Entertainment. We got an e-mail at the beginning of the week from one of the members of Manic Bloom, a band we manage. Apparently some college guys at Texas A&M put together a video showing amazing backyard basketball shots and posted it on YouTube. They call the video Dude Perfect. The guys chose a Manic Bloom song “Running From The Scene” for the soundtrack to the video and they were kind enough to add a link to the Manic Bloom website. By Thursday evening, the Dude Perfect video was blowing up! The video went from 40k views to 100k views by Friday morning. As I was checking voice mail Friday morning, there was an urgent message from Good Morning America. I also had an urgent e-mail from Good Morning America. Thinking it was a prank, I called the number on the voice mail. It was indeed Good Morning America. They were looking to get in touch with the guys in the video. We scrambled around on our end trying to find a phone number as all we had was an e-mail address. Good Morning America aired a clip from the video Friday morning and plan on airing again this week with an interview with the Dude Perfect guys. All I can say for Manic Bloom is Dude Perfect!

Visage Bella

We sure had a fun this past week working with some amazing folks to help launch a new makeup artist and imagery company Visage Bella . First of all, Orta Universal did an incredible job designing and building the amazing website! I have never worked with such a fast and incredibly creative person as what we experienced with Pete Orta at Orta Universal. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ORTA UNIVERSAL FOR YOUR BRANDING NEEDS! Pete’s design work made building the blogsite a piece of cake. Visage Bella is the company launched by make-up artist, Kathryn Kimble. Kathryn has worked with Taylor Swift, Lorrie Morgan and Jaci Velasquez in the past and her work has been featured in Mademoiselle Magazine. She is the official makeup artist for the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders for 2009.  Looking forward to seeing the impact Visage Bella has in the fashion and entertanment world!

Visage Belleza